• UC? It's a People Thing!

    Have you considered end-user’s influence on the success of UC deployments?

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Digital workplace transformation – Are you ready?

Organisations planning digital workplace transformation rose from 9% to 52% in one year – it’s about technology, but hand-in- hand with technology is cultural change and the people at th

Considering technology and people together allows your organisation to be agile, quickly take advantage of market trends and differentiate itself against the competition. At Arkadin, we do this by creating an environment where the positive experience of interacting with you is enjoyed by customers, employees, and partners as a single, seamless experience.

From defining the path for a smooth launch, introducing the characters and challenges to address, right down to how best to bring your organisation with you; are you ready to start your heroic Journey to the Digital Workplace?

Start your UC journey

It’s our job to help you work out the best UC implementation strategy for your business.


Your heroic journey to the digital workplace

Paved with pitfalls and challenges – it takes a hero to navigate the journey to the digital workplace. Take us with you


Proving the True Value of your UC platform

How do you set clear ROI metrics to ensure C-suite buy-in? This guide shows you how aligning UC objectives with business objectives can ensure project success.


Enabling Communication in the Digital Workplace

Digital workplace is a reality, not a dream destination – but what is I.T.’s role in this brave new world?

  • “Our goal was to get all of our collaboration technologies on
    one platform, from one vendor and all in the cloud. We now have one single solution that has increased internal efficiencies and made it easy for clients to work with us.”

    Nic Wildeman, Principal, Lionfish Marketing.

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  • “Our previous experience of Arkadin had been good.

    They were also one of the only companies that were able to provide Lync with the very specific audio functionality we were looking for.”

    Catherine Ball, IT Manager, Tribold

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